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  • Priva technology in the Open Field

Priva has the right solution for any ambition, including open field growing

The future of open field growing is becoming sophisticated and intelligent. Priva provides the right solutions for open field growing to ensure higher yields and safer crops all with precision irrigation technology.

Open field growing takes disciplince, accuracy and skill. With Priva technology, open field growing removes risk from the practice and replaces it with reliable technology to ensure your crop will flourish.

Priva provides a range of solutions for your open field growing strategy, including irrigation solutions, root optimizing devices, sensors and controls.

Priva supplies automation water solutions that allow you to efficiently irrigate your crop.

Pre-mixed nutriets to Open Field crops

With open field irrigation solutions, Priva is able to assure you that important water with pre-mixed nutrients will be evenly distributed throughout your open field crops; from berries to tomatoes.

Directly providing water to the roots

Optimal water dosing ensures a healthy root system, which in turn increases production. Priva has developed an intelligent aid to allow the plant itself to influence water dosing: the Priva Root Optimizer. This is a module which determines every irrigation cycle based on the quantity of water absorbed and the water content of the substrate. This optimizes water dosing in line with the conditions, the state of the crop and the type of substrate.

Linkability with Priva

Priva can easily link all equipment using a PC with data logging capability, which can provide useful information in an easy-to-read graphical format. You can visually see aspects such as measured EC and pH flow rates and daily quantities going out to each valve. Priva also has the capability to link to third party wireless sensors to ensure you are always connected and supported.


See how Priva is creating solutions for the Open Field: 


Open Field Video Screenshot

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