Sustainable solutions for horticultural and building automation

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  • Horticulture

  • Integrated Process Management Integrated Process Management

    Reliable and efficient horticultural automation tailored to the future

  • Water managementWater management

    Closed-loop system for healthy growth

  • Crop and harvest registration and analysis solutionCrop and harvest registration and analysis solution

    A complete overview of your crop, harvest and labour operations

  • Management information systemsManagement information

    All data converted into usable information

  • Labour registration and analysis solutionLabour registration and analysis solution

    Detailed registration of labour and production in the widest sense

  • Climate managementClimate Management

    Optimal control over the climate in your greenhouse

  • Priva technology in the Open FieldOpen Field Solutions

    Priva provides customized open field growing solutions

  • Priva Indoor Growing SolutionsIndoor Growing

    Priva provides customized indoor growing solutions

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