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Just as with office buildings, efficient building management of hotels is no easy task. But when it comes to hotels, the focus is much more specific. In addition to a maximum level of occupancy, the comfort and safety of guests is of paramount importance. A building management system which integrates seamlessly with standard and specific systems and applications in the hotel is indispensable, as is useful management information that can assist with control and adjustment where necessary. Priva solutions link every system, which makes the building management of hotels highly organised.

Comfort control combined with the hotel booking system

In some hotels, every room has the same climate. In other hotels, guests can determine for themselves how hot or cold the room should be. Increasingly, guests are even able to set the temperature their room should have on arrival using the internet. Furthermore, hotels are increasingly able to set desired room temperatures on the basis of the hotel booking system. When guests arrive, the lights, curtains etc. in the room are set to the comfort level that has been entered. Priva has the ideal solution for every option, to help to make your guests feel welcome and to achieve optimum levels of comfort and ease of operation.

Energy savings

By linking the internal, and perhaps even the external hotel booking system to the comfort control in hotels, you can conserve energy quite easily. Rooms which are not occupied simply remain in a low-energy state. Only if the room has been reserved does the climate enter a pre-comfort state, and on the guest's arrival, the comfort state. This helps to achieve real energy savings.

Legionella and Green Key

Safety in hotels involves the prevention of legionella. By linking showers and the heating system to Priva solutions, you can receive a warning as soon as an unusual reading is detected. This warning will indicate the risk of infection and gives you the opportunity to respond appropriately.

And as the new international Green Key hallmark guarantees your guests a comfortable stay whilst taking care of the environment, linking your hotel booking system system to Priva solutions is a logical choice. At Priva, care for the climate and comfort for your guests go hand in hand. We do not develop technology for its own sake, but technology for people. And that includes future generations.

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