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Priva offers Soft Fruit solutions for multiple growing methods, from soil cultivation to substrate, open field operations to greenhouses. Our solutions address water, labour & management and climate & cultivation and help you to achieve your ambitions.

Climate and energy solutions

Labour and production solutions

Water solutions

For cultivation in greenhouses, Priva supplies climate and energy solutions that accurately control the greenhouse climate. To increase crop quality and prevent disease, we measure and control the indoor climate by integrating all greenhouse equipment in one system so they work together in an effective and energy efficient approach. The process computer provides overview and control over every aspect of the cultivation from one point. Read more...

Because labour costs are a large share of overall production costs, it is important to maintain an overview of employees and productivity. Our management information solution provides insight into your business which helps you to increase your span of control. The modular system is tailored to your business and enables planning and tracking of production and detailed labour registration. Read more...

Using accurate sensors, we are able to integrate actual plants needs into the irrigation strategy. This makes sure the plant always gets exactly the right amount of water and fertilizer at the right time. We also integrate wireless sensor data in the irrigation strategy. Priva's fertigation solutions control the EC and pH of your irrigation water very precisely. This supports optimal crop and fruit development. Our high quality components guarantee a long operational life and the lowest total cost of ownership. Read more...

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