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Become a Priva Building Automation Certified Partner

Priva Building Automation is looking for new partners to join our team of growing Priva partners across North America. As a Priva Building Automation partner, you will seek out end-users, use your expertise to suggest the best Priva products for use and provide support during installation and use.

Priva Building Automation partners enjoy the personalized training sessions provided by Priva experts in software, hardware, business solutions and online support. All Priva Building Automation partners are invited to initial training sessions and ongoing information and training programs every year. Priva also offers in-person support, telephone and online services with a trusted Priva expert for all troubleshooting and assistance needs. We are with you every step of the way.

Benefits of becoming a Priva Building Automation Certified Partner:

  • Free, personalized training with a Priva Building Automation expert
  • Custom software
  • Free engineering tools
  • In-person support and assistance
  • Speed and ease software
  • Building automation and energy management services

To find out more information about Priva Building Automation and becoming a partner, we invite you to contact us 905-562-7351. 


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