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Would you like access to view a live demo of TC Energy?

Contact us at for login/password information to view a live demo of TC Energy.



  • As part of the Priva Top Control software platform, TC Energy gives you insight in the energy consumption of your building. TC Energy collects all the energy data from your building management system such as electricity, gas and water meter readings and produces graphics, charts and easy-to-use reports. Best of all, it's all online and you can access this information from anywhere at any time.

    How we do it

    TC Energy gathers information from the meters that support your building, such as electricity, gas and water. This information is fed into the Priva Energy Performance Box. The information is then stored in a safe, secure and encrypted Cloud service and is available on your tablet or PC with the use of the TC Energy website.

    Learn more about TC Energy.

    View a demo

    The demo video below will give you an impression of how TC Energy works.

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